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History of the Owners & employees!!

Jackie McCulloch – President – has worked for the company since 1995. She started at the bottom (literally) dusting the bottom shelves and eventually moved up to the top shelves! Then as time went by she began to run the sidewalk sales, count inventory and learn the basics to the business. While attending DePaul University she began to work more on the mailing lists, marketing, accounts payable, and became an unbelievable asset to the company. After graduating DePaul University with a degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and a minor in Management she set her hopes on owning Westerling. With the help of her older sister and many others her dreams came true on October 4, 2004.

Stacey McCulloch – Vice President – took on her sister’s dream to own Westerling. She also graduated from DePaul University with a major of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Stacey continues to work for State Farm since 1999, as well as being the Vice President of Westerling. She is behind the scenes most of the time, but you can see her on the sales floor Tuesdays. With being behind the scene she does run the technicalities of Westerling. She is learning the business more and more as each day goes by and soon will be just as knowledgeable as the rest of the team.

Linda Prescott – Office Manager – is the friendliest woman one will ever meet. When we want great customer service we can always rely on Linda! She has been with Westerling since 1989 and is the hub of our organization. She fills way too many shoes to mention them all but if we have any problems or questions she is always willing to listen and help to take care of it.

Dolores Devlyn – Bridal/Sales Consultant – is the most knowledgeable one in the business starting in marketing, doing business with corporate accounts, and to being the collectible manager for the last 10 years. If you ask her any questions regarding tableware or collectibles she will most likely know the answer!! Dolores is a wonderful part of our organization providing great knowledge and service to our customers. Oh and not to mention she is also one of our top bridal consultants as well.

Sharon Fricke – Office/Customer Service – has been with the company since October 2004!! She handles bridal orders, all of our filing (a never ending project), handles our mailings, and keeps the office organized. Thanks to Sharon for keeping us organized if it wasn’t for her papers would probably be on the floor and the phones would be ringing off the hook while we tried getting to the phone through the papers but not when she is around all is great!

Evy Horaitis - Bridal/Sales Consultant - has been with Westerling since 2007.  She is actually a former bride of Westerling's famous registry program and knows the benefits inside and out of registering with Westerling.  She is available by appointment in the store or you can reach her at her office (847)292-1088.

Julie Saflarski – Our Duster!! We love this girl!! She does an amazing job at keeping up with the dust at Westerling. She also takes part in filing, mailings, and inventory too. She started in October 2004 and if you shop on our late night you will find her on the floor somewhere usually dusting. She is a great one to have at Westerling.

Marie Ferrone - Our Picture UploaderWe continually are uploading pictures trying to make our website as complete as possible, but it is not an easy task nor is it a quick click of a button.  With all the new products and discontinuations of product we had to find an assistant, which brings us to our addition of an employee after six months of uploading pictures.  It is our grandma Marie Ferrone!  She has uploaded over 5000 pictures as of Christmas Eve 2007 and is at a minimal pay of a penny per picture. She is a god sent to this company and especially this website. 

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